When does a pair become a trio? Pair of Arrows is a talented Los Angeles-based new wave electronica act that provides pulsating, all-enveloping synth ...more
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Blaenavon, Alt-J @ Weston Super Mare, 08/09/2017
Weston Super Mare pier: a lengthy tome to the celebration of the great British seaside holiday and the unlikely final date for Mercury Prize 2017 nomi...more
The Smyths @ O2 Academy, Bristol, 22/09/2017
The term 'tribute act' is a powerful one. For some, it sends cringing shivers down the spine with crippling fervor. For others, it evokes a silly sens...more
Kenilworth Arts Festival 2017 @ Abbey Fields, Kenilworth, 17/09/2017
Located to the south of Coventry, Kenilworth is a small town most notable for its 12th Century castle and surrounding parkland. This beautiful scenery...more
Saffron Records 2nd Birthday Party @ Mr Wolfs, Bristol, 14/09/2017
Music and cake are always a great combination. Saffron Records '2nd Birthday Party is a brilliant example of how collaboration is at the heart of the ...more